1. It’s Easter time! Pretty eggs at work.


  2. fell asleep in Ohrid, woke up in Ohio. hello snow :)


  3. the start of something beautiful.

    mosaic wall at NGO Option. will post finished product soon!


  4. what happened and is happening and will happen

    so you want to know what is going on, eh? the good, the boring, and the awesome? welp, here’s 14 mini-updates:

    1. i traveled oh-so much in March! new places visited include: Prilep, Kratovo (the bridge-iest town I know), and don’t forget about my trip to Prishtina, Kosovo (see deets here and here and here). i also spent time in Skopje, Tetovo, and Struga. more travels are on the horizon with a trip to Greece in the works!

    2. Camp GLOW is happening in August! i spent a weekend in Skopje lesson planning, training, and bonding with the GLOW crew, including host country national and PCV counselors, instructors and leadership. prospective campers start applying next month! wish us luck as we continue to promote, plan, and fundraise!

    3. i’m helping my coworkers start a new NGO. woohoo! more on that друг пат (pronounced “drug pat” - another time). 

    4. ELECTIONS. 50,000+ people trounced all over my city one night last week to kickoff the campaign season. during election season, things can get a little crazy. i’m just trying to stay my little, neutral PCV self, despite the tough situations my local friends here face due to political affiliation. i’m struggling to find any nonpartisan news sources, so just Google if you want more info.

    5. April 1 in Macedonia is like Halloween in America. kids dress up. i’m not entirely sure what all happens on this day, but i heard singing and saw lots of kids out and about in costumes during the school day. 

    6. IST is next week! IST = In-Service Training. this is very exciting because i will get to see wonderful PCVs who i haven’t seen since November. 

    7. my site mate has officially moved into town from his faraway village. this makes my life much, much better.

    8. SUMMER IS HERE. yes, i know it’s only April. but, we’ve had so many gorgeous days in Ohrid lately that it’s hard not to think of that glorious season of sunshine and tennis and picnics. this also means that all of the ice cream shops that have been hibernating for the winter are now open! if you know me at all, you know that i am extremely happy about this.

    9-14. i have a Macedonian tutor i visit weekly, and i think it is kinda-sorta improving my language skills // there is excellent sushi to be eaten in Skopje (thank goodness) // we held four spelling bees in Ohrid last month // i was selected to be on the Model UN committee // Daniel, this guy from Struga (which is super close to where I live) won X Factor Adria // salep is still the best thing ever  

    signing off with a birthday shout-out to my mom and my brother. среќен роденден! 



  6. Seriously yummy food here in Macedonia. I personally love burek, mekici, and zelnik (all the bread ones, of course). Check out some recipes and cook up a lil’ Balkan flavor—you won’t regret it :)


  7. I went to Pristina, Kosovo during the first weekend of March and had a wonderful time. One of the first things we did was visit the NEWBORN monument. Kosovo does not currently have any Peace Corps Volunteers, but will be welcoming a cohort later this year.

    The Newborn monument is a typographic sculpture and tourist attraction in PristinaKosovo,[a] unveiled on 17 February 2008, the day that Kosovodeclared independence from Serbia.[1] The monument consists of the English-language word “Newborn” in capital block letters, which were painted bright yellow when the sculpture was first revealed. The monument was re-painted with the flags of the states that have recognized Kosovo.[2] Newborn will be painted differently and unveiled on 17 February every year.  Newborn" was chosen as a single English word for the power to describe the birth of a new country, its positive connotations, ease of understanding by non-native English-speakers, and potential to present Kosovo as a new, contemporary, trendy country. (from Wikipedia)

    [pristina, kosovo]


  8. The Cathedral of Blessed Mother Teresa in Pristina, Kosovo is a Roman Catholic cathedral being constructed. In 2007 the Government of Kosovo approved plans for the building. The church’s foundation was ceremonially laid by former Kosovo president Ibrahim Rugova, himself a Muslim. It is dedicated to Blessed Mother Teresa.

    Upon the cathedral’s completion, the diocese covering Kosovo will move from Prizren to Pristina. The cathedral will be one of Pristina’s tallest buildings when it is complete.  (from Facebook)

    [pristina, kosovo]


  9. More fun in Pristina, Kosovo included Jordan’s birthday celebration, good and spicy Mexican food (thank goodness), a rooftop bar, wandering around the city, shopping in fancy buildings, and the Bill Clinton statue.

    [pristina, kosovo]


  10. (Source: peacecorps)



  12. Art workshop at NGO Option Ohrid

    We painted stones, made jewelry, and used wire and beads to make some fun pieces. So grateful to our partner organization, Media Art, who is doing great work to promote art and art as therapy in Ohrid.

    [ohrid, macedonia]


  13. This is Peace Corps Week! Please reach out if you’d like any information about the Peace Corps or want to know more about my experience thus far. Thank you for your interest and support!


    “Peace Corps Week is about sharing the Volunteer experience and the incredible cultural exchange that results from Peace Corps service. I encourage both current and returned volunteers to participate in Peace Corps Week to share the world with their local communities and bring Peace Corps service to life.” - Acting Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet


  14. I have been so honored to work with GLOW Macedonia over the past few months as a Communications Coordinator. I’ll be spending this year learning the ropes of how GLOW Clubs and GLOW Camp operate, with more responsibility in the coming year. It truly is an amazing program—helping girls to see their own potential and to learn more about and meet girls of different backgrounds from all over Macedonia. I am sure I’ll be sharing more about GLOW in the future, but wanted to introduce you with this link to our website.


  15. swans+sunset

    [ohrid, macedonia]